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Passion beyond Fashion

Pioneering the world of fashion in the Middle East, Dantella Designs offers an exquisite combination of oriental charm tinted with western modernity. A wide range of meticulously embroidered Abayas and Shailas will enrich your wardrobe and style. Dantella Designs brings style to traditional fashion in the United Arab Emirates. A creative group of Abaya designers is giving the traditional garment an exotic twist. Matching all tastes and styles, Dantella Designs makes an exceptional shopping experience in Arab women’s reach through its website and boutique. Furthermore, Dantella Designs unprecedentedly launches a new generation of Abayas made of ecofriendly fabrics in an attempt to consolidate a sustainable community. The new Eco Abaya designs are a response to an increasing demand of a clientele of women keen on protecting their bodies from skin allergies caused by the chemicals used in regular fabrics when in interaction with the hot humid weather of the region, a clientele aspiring at the same time to play a part in protecting the environment and introducing eco-friendly garments to their wardrobe. Up-to-the-minute and trendy designs sustainably executed to meet the recommended environmental protection standards. Dantella Designs presents a selection of hand sewn garments made from prolific, highly renewable raw material. Our main policy is Practicality, which entails designing versatile and trans-seasonal attires that suit all seasons and can be worn on any occasion.

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